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The reason I am putting my life out into the world - complete with airing all my dirty laundry - is to connect. My hope is that my story connects with you in a way that brings comfort, knowing you are not alone in your thoughts/feelings/struggles… brings reflection, as I know all too well the healing and clarity that comes with honestly facing and owning your story… or brings inspiration, sparking you to pursue the life you have always wanted - whatever that looks like.

Themes in the book include: identifying your purpose in life, the tendency to care too much about what other people want/expect for your life, losing yourself in relationships, goal setting and pursuing your passions.

I love honest conversations - real talk, as I like to call it. If you pick my book for your next read, I would love to join in the discussion. Ideally these conversations can be in person… but if not, thankfully there is technology that can put us face-to-face even when we are miles apart.

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“This uniquely written story (more like a conversation with your best friend) will have you asking yourself questions (who I am really), taking personal inventory (what have my actions created), and setting goals to achieve both short and long term. And to add, there’s the suspense of how the drama all unfolds (did Shane call or not?!). Everything is relatable, we’ve all been in her shoes…”


“This was a very enjoyable and thought-provoking book that made me smile, wish I could have been there for Kacie, and quite often go "OMG, YES!!!" because I could identify with a lot of what the author went through. The more people read this the better because the questions Kacie asks herself are questions everyone should think about and find their own answers to.”


“This book spoke to me on such a personal level... because I have some of the same questions in my head. My relationship with my mother, sisters, needing to please everyone. It will bring tears to your eyes and make you question your own life. But also long for a 2nd book!!”


“On the surface, you’d think a married, mom of 3 living in the suburbs in the north east,  would have little in common with the personal transformation of a single, party-girl in Florida. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I connected with Kacie’s story on so many levels… Kacie’s conversational tone makes you feel like you’re sitting with a close friend, working together to dissect and analyze life’s big questions.”

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