What started as deep conversations between friends has turned into a podcast. Never expected to do a podcast but hey, why not?! 

My good friend April grew up “in church”… Pentecostal Church to be exact. At first, I didn’t even know what that meant. I was raised Catholic but much to my upbringing’s chagrin was never very religious. I always felt somewhat disconnected from the teachings I grew up with – like something just didn’t click for me. As April and I became closer friends, she began to share how much of what she was taught to believe  - things meant to comfort her - actually caused her a lot of pain. She felt a lot of inner conflict between the church language she was taught to speak - what we are calling Christianese - and what she felt deep inside was true. As we discussed her inner turmoil, we began to realize there was always another way to look at, define, and analyze the scriptures driving the “rules” she had been striving to follow.

Now, as a non-religious person, where do I fit into all of this (besides my love for analyzing and debating deep topics)? Well, in early 2017 I started to ask myself a lot of questions... What do I want for my life? What really makes me happy? And as the questions got deeper, I ultimately reached the big ones - Why am I here? Why are we all here? Since then I’ve been trying to figure out what I believe, and define what spirituality means to me. From Buddhism and Kabbalah to past lives, astrology, and quantum physics, I’ve been exploring it all with an open mind and unending curiosity. My esoteric “new age” views very much conflict with the strict Christian views that April grew up engulfed in... at least on the surface. But what we’ve realized through our conversations is that at the deepest level of these seemingly opposing views is oftentimes a core truth... it has just been interpreted and explained differently. That analysis and that discovery is the reason this podcast was born. 

I believe very much in questioning things that were just passed on to us true, as normal, or as expected - in all aspects of life... and religion is no exception. So no matter what your beliefs (or non-beliefs) are, my hope is that you keep an open and curious mind... towards this and everything else.

(Keep in mind we are total rookies at this so please be patient as we hone our podcasting skills.) 

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