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open up

But maybe the best way to handle any uncomfortable situation is instead to stay soft and flexible… be open and curious. Maybe in doing that, we allow the heart to do its job – fill every thought, scenario, and relationship with love.

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know fear

Perhaps it isn’t about doing things despite our fear... but rather doing things with our fear. And only then can we set it free… as opposed to suppressing it, only to have it return with a vengeance.

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lean into it

Change is a part of life. Whether it is change we are pursuing, change we never expected, or change that was always inevitable, it is going to happen. And so is the discomfort that comes along with it. All we can really control is how we approach it.

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single truth

For all the times I just nodded along and agreed with the “he’s out there, you just haven’t found him yet” soliloquies; bit my tongue suffering through dating advice from complete strangers; or struggled to look interested listening to story after story of how other people met their husbands, now it’s my turn…

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