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Ep. 21: She Gave Up Men for Lent and Found Herself (with author Kacie Main)

On this episode of Your BFF Podcast Mel talks self discovery, owning your sh*t, and finding your purpose with author of I Gave Up Men For Lent: The Story of a Jaded, Hopelessly Romantic, Health-concious Party Girl's Search for Meaning, Kacie Main. 


The great love debate

Ep. 196 - Giving It All Up

Does absence make the heart grow… stronger? Author Kacie Main joins Brian in Washington DC to dish on going without, growing within, tuning out the noise, finding your inner purpose, discovering what matters, and why doing the wrong thing is sometimes the best thing.

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guy’s guy radio

Ep. 362: It's a Guy's Guy Radio double feature this week, with guests Kacie Main, discussing her new book I Gave up Men for Lent, a memoir about her dating journey, and Lee McCormick, discussing his new book The Heart Reconnection Guidebook, helping guide people forward in their lives.

Optimal Living Daily

My blog “All the Feels” was featured on the Optimal Living Daily podcast.

Ep. 1246: All The Feels by Kacie Main on Embracing Each Moment & Mindfulness

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the margarita confessionals

Kacie Main, author of the new book "I Gave Up Men For Lent" joins us to talk about her Lenten dating hiatus, why taking a break during Lent is valuable regardless of your religion, and how we can press pause on the expectations and pressure from family members and friends when you're single and everyone NEEDS to know when you're going to fall madly in love.

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It’s complicated show

Author of I Gave Up Men For Lent, Kacie Main, joins us to discuss what she discovered when she sacrificed men, why you should become besties with your fears, when to pay attention to your vices and how they affect your choices, why you should check in with yourself and make sure you’re doing things that spark joy, how to keep your opinion and other people's opinions working in constant harmony with the universal truth, and why it's important to take a long hard look in the mirror, while we cheers with our nightcap Jesus Juice!  


Fix Yourself First podcast

Episode 7: How to Find Yourself When You're Feeling Lost with Kacie Main

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thank you heartbreak podcast

Episode 069: 40 Days Without Men with Kacie Main

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the broads way podcast

We talk to author Kacie Main about her book I Gave Up Men for Lent: the story of a jaded, hopelessly romantic, health-conscious party girl’s search for meaning.


first coast connect

Host Melissa Ross keeps you up to date on everything happening around the First Coast. First Coast Connect covers the issues, trends and newsmakers that have people talking.



A podcast to spotlight the women around Jacksonville (and beyond) that are kicking butt to accomplish their life goals.

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the confident girl podcast

How to Care More About What You Want Instead of What Others Want and Expect of You


my articles on thought catalog

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my article on DirtyandThirty

Why We’re Not REALLY Happy

my articles on Sivana East

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What My Gay Best Friend Taught Me About Relationships

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My television debut - Interview on News4Jax Morning Show

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Giving up Men for Lent – An Interview with Author Kacie Main