Ep. 2: See Me with Mocha Michelle Thomas

In episode 2, I talk to writer, poet, and author Michelle “Mocha” Thomas. Michelle’s story is one of leaving behind everything that was comfortable and known to her to start a new chapter focused on pursuing her dream of writing. But life had other plans for her and before she knew it, she found herself living the same life she left… just in a new city. Michelle is a uniquely positive person and has a refreshing outlook on life. She is a great example of the importance of being honest with ourselves.


Ep. 2: See Me with Mocha Michelle Thomas highlights:


*How when we hit rock bottom, we have a choice – play the victim or take ownership of the decisions that led us there… and how taking ownership essentially empowers us to pull ourselves out.

*How easy it can  be to fall back into our comfortable routines vs. going for what we really want – falling into the trap of the “one day I’m going to…”

*How important it is to have the tough conversations with ourselves and admit to ourselves that we are actually the ones holding us back.

*How so many of us go with the flow vs. intentionally go after what we want… however we can have different reasons behind that.

*The importance – and difficulty – of showing up for ourselves… not just for other people.

Kacie Main