Ep.4: Saving Ourselves with Mel Stephens

In episode 4, I talk to blogger, writer, and host of the Your BFF Podcast Mel Stephens. Heads up that Mel’s story is very intense – it includes her struggles with depression and anxiety, a chronic illness diagnosis, divorce at a young age, issues with support from her family, and a suicide attempt. There is so much valuable insight in her honesty, vulnerability, and perspective of life.


Ep.4: Saving Ourselves with Mel Stephens highlights:


*How we tend to hide parts of ourselves or not fully show up in relationships out of fear of how our true selves would be received or feeling like we are wrong in some way

*How the support we crave from the people in our lives can take many different forms.

*How their can be unintended consequences from even the best of intentions.

*How we look for from others what we really need to give or do for ourselves – for example, for Mel it was to be saved and for me it was to be chosen.

*How it is a difficult process to move from finding happiness, fulfillment and identity in the external to realizing it only exists internally.

Kacie Main