Ep. 8: There is No Right Way to Grieve with Sam Jones

In episode 8, I talk to our first international guest, Sam Jones. After losing his friends and the future he had planned in a fatal car accident, Sam opens up about his grieving process with incredible insight, vulnerability, and even some humor and wit. No matter what your experience with grief or loss has been, I know you will enjoy hearing Sam’s story, as he is a wonderful example of resilience and the importance of acknowledging and accepting where you are in the process.


Ep. 8: There is No Right Way to Grieve with Sam Jones highlights:


·         Similar to episode 1 with Graham, Sam’s story is another great example of the potential impact we can make on each other if we just reach out. And furthermore, how sometimes we can go a step further and literally help change each other’s lives.

·         How it’s okay if you’re not ready to deal with something yet; just be aware and honest with yourself about where you are and then honor that.

·         How things don’t have to be either/or; they can be both/and. You can be in a bad place and still have good days or good nights or moments of joy or laughter.

·         And most importantly- to not be hard on yourself; allow yourself to go through the process however it looks for you. not what society deems is the right way to grieve or how anyone else tells you to do it. Listen to yourself, be kind to yourself, and allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel.

Kacie Main