Ep. 9: How to Ease the Stress of Self-Care with Megan Weigel, DNP

These days there is so much emphasis on taking care of ourselves and seemingly endless self-care options available to us, that it can become overwhelming and a new type of stress has surfaced – the stress of self-care. In episode 9, I talk to Megan Weigel, DNP and board certified Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, about how to lessen the stress of trying to fit too much self-care into our day and instead approach our routine in a more manageable way.


Ep. 9: How to Ease the Stress of Self-Care with Megan Weigel, DNP highlights:


·         How the overall medical model is starting to change from only conventional medicine to incorporating other modalities like functional, integrative, Ayurvedic, etc. It’s important to remember that when approaching your own health.

·         How our gut and our brain are constantly communicating, so we can’t treat one without treating the other. We can change our diet, take all the probiotics, exercise more and all the other things to treat our body, but if our mind remains stressed out and in a negative place, we won’t be able to make any real progress.

·         How the power of belief is a real thing so be open minded to different treatments or modalities and if something works for you, then don’t question it past that

·         I love the exercise of maximize, minimize, and prioritize when it comes to how you spend your time… while recognizing there are different seasons of life so your priorities may shift.

·         And lastly, with all the self-care options available to us, don’t take on a million at once but instead start with the one that most resonates with you. And as Megan said, when it comes to prioritizing your self-care routine - choose joy.

Kacie Main