Ep. 10: On Being Single These Days with Jenifer Golden

In this episode, I talk with Jenifer Golden, dating expert and co-host of the It’s Complicated podcast, and we discuss what it’s like to be single these days – from how online dating apps like Bumble have created a lot of gender role confusion to strategies to remove the anxiety that comes with dating.

Ep. 10: On Being Single These Days with Jenifer Golden highlights:

·         How your relationship with yourself sets the tone for all our other relationships – so be kind to yourself and as Jen said, date yourself first.

·         How it’s important to be aware of your patterns – aka the games we play – so you can decide whether or not they’re really serving your best interest.

·         How important it is to find a true partner – someone who is going to be there for you in the ways you want and need and is on the same page with what you want for your life and how to tackle all the responsibilities.

·         How there’s no point in playing all the games of guessing people’s motives and feelings – everything will reveal itself.

·         And I love her advice to be still and let life happen as it’s supposed to happen – still show up and be ready but don’t force it.

·         My favorite quote - “I am my best partner and I will always be there for myself”

Kacie Main