Ep. 11 On Drinking with A Sober Friend, Stefania Lewicki

In this episode, I talk to the woman behind the Instagram handle @asoberfriend – Stefania Lewicki – about the reasons we drink, how we feel after drinking, and how difficult it can be to choose to be sober in today’s alcohol-centric society. Stefania is a Recovery Advocate at a drug and alcohol treatment center, currently working towards a Masters in Clinical Counseling, and at the young age of 27, decided to quit drinking and create a community dedicated to helping those struggling with their relationship with alcohol or how drinking affects their relationships with others or themselves.

Ep. 11 On Drinking with A Sober Friend, Stefania Lewicki highlights:

·         How trauma and pain is all relative. As Stefania points out, we need to stop trivializing our feelings because we think things could be worse. Your pain is real and deserves to be addressed.

·         How forgiveness – both towards others and ourselves – is a process and an important first step is self-love and realizing we are worthy of forgiveness.

·         How oftentimes we drink to overcome anxiety or feelings of depression without realizing the rebound effect that whatever we are trying to drown will just come back with a vengeance as the alcohol leaves our system.

·         How being sober can be very uncomfortable at first. So if it is something you are thinking about trying – even if just for a short period of time – give yourself grace but also recognize that it too is a process and takes practice.

·         And how if you do want to experiment with sobriety and you’re in a relationship, to remember that communication is key. It is important that your partner fully understands your perspective and that you don’t discount theirs.

Kacie Main