Ep.5: Recognizing the Hard with Lauren Leonelli

In episode 5, I talk to host for Afterbuzz TV and the It’s Complicated podcast, Lauren Leonelli. Lauren’s story is an incredible example of how we need to pay attention to how we feel while pursuing different goals in life, recognize when it may be time to walk away, and most importantly – find our own way of doing things rather than go along with what’s “normal.”


Ep.5: Recognizing the Hard with Lauren Leonelli highlights:


*How we can get so attached to or fixated on a goal or a dream that we don’t take the time to check back in and make sure it really is what we want for our life

*How there is a difference between things being hard because growth is uncomfortable vs. being hard because it just isn’t right for you

*The importance of paying attention to your gut feelings and digging into them a little deeper – whether it be just noticing them or asking all the whys

*How breaking things down into their simplest form – as if you were going to explain it to a 2 year old – can bring clarity into what’s really going on with us

*The importance of recognizing our own insecurities and what triggers them so we can better understand what parts we need to take responsibility for vs. what parts someone else is contributing to… and then deciding where our line is for walking away

Kacie Main