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I very much believe in the power of telling our stories. Not only is it an extremely therapeutic process for you, the writer, but it also helps the reader. The more we tell our honest stories, the more we all realize how connected we really are.

It would truly be my honor to help you with your memoir - from planning and writing to editing, publishing, and marketing.

Let me help you write the one story no one can write but you!


the process

Below are the three major stages and the ways I can help move your book from a dream in your head to a reality in your hands. Please note this is not ghostwriting. I will help guide you in your writing process and the formation of your book, but I will not be writing it for you. If you would prefer I write your story (aka ghostwriting), that is a different conversation.


In our initial conversation(s), we will discuss what you want to say with your book and most importantly why. Why do you want to write a book? You might not know the answer initially and that’s okay. But it’s important that you start thinking about it.

During the CREATE stage, we will begin to develop your overall book concept and structure. This is sometimes only done after a good portion of the initial draft is in the works. Oftentimes, themes surface within your writing unintentionally. Once they appear, we can decide the best sequence in which to tell them and the structure to weave them into your story. We will start with writing what you want to say and allow the how to reveal itself.

If you have not yet started writing your book, we will discuss various ways to begin. Depending on the nature of your story, this could be a basic outline of major events in your life, jobs, or relationships. If you have already started writing, we will begin by reviewing what you have written so far to identify any themes or structure already present.

The CREATE stage is very inspiring because it is full of possibilities. This is where the idea of your book starts to become a reality.


During the REFINE stage, we will identify the theme of each chapter and ensure it comes through in your writing. I will guide you along filling in stories/details, including analysis, and tying each story back to the theme of the chapter as well as the overall book. We will ensure your story is told in a way that is easy for the reader to understand and follow along.

We will focus on your voice and personality and revise sentence structure and word choice accordingly to ensure both shine through. This is called developmental editing. We will not get into copy editing, which is more grammar focused.

The REFINE stage can be frustrating at times but can also be the most fun. I will push you to reflect on and analyze your life at a level you likely have not experienced. What seems obvious to you will need to be clearly articulated for the reader. While you may struggle at times, you will be rewarded with seeing your manuscript really start to come to life.


During the REVEAL stage, I will consult you through the process of bringing your book to market, including copy editing, publishing, and marketing.

There are several publishing options and they all come with different pros and cons. There are many factors to consider to determine which option is best for you and your book, i.e. budget, size of (or lack of) current platform, patience, marketing interest, etc. I will help decide the best strategy for your book and connect you with editors, agents, and publishers where possible.

We will also discuss strategies to start getting your name and writing out prior to publication. This could include submitting articles to well established magazines/blogs, submitting your writing for awards, pitching yourself as a guest on relevant podcasts, etc.

The REVEAL stage can be very overwhelming, as options are endless. It is important that you do what feels right for you and aligns with your why for writing your book. And maybe that means not bringing your book to market, and instead keeping it for yourself and your family – a priceless heirloom that not only tells your story, but also provides insight into the era in which you lived.

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