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You have a story to tell. Maybe it’s your personal story and maybe it’s knowledge you’ve learned along the way that you want to share with the world. Either way, it’s a story only you can tell. No one has your perspective but you.

I very much believe in the power of telling our stories and it would truly be my honor to help you get yours into the world - from planning and writing to editing, publishing, and marketing.

Let me help you tell the one story no one can write but you!

Let’s move your book from a dream in your head to a reality in your hands.

I can help you…

  • Decide how to best start writing your book - from developing an outline to finding manageable time in your schedule.

  • Develop the overall concept and structure of your book.

  • Identify main themes and how to weave them throughout your story.

  • Ensure each chapter ties into the overall theme and fits within the structure.

  • Refine your voice and personality and ensure it comes through in your writing.

  • Strategize on how to bring your book to market, including publishing and marketing. There are several publishing options and they all come with different pros and cons. There are many factors to consider to determine which option is best for you and your book, i.e. budget, size of (or lack of) current platform, patience, marketing interest, etc.

  • Get your name and writing out prior to book release. This could include submitting articles to well established magazines/blogs, submitting your writing for awards, pitching yourself as a guest on relevant podcasts, etc.

Our working relationship can look different ways depending on your needs:

  • Regularly scheduled calls

  • As-needed calls

  • All email communication

  • Chapter/manuscript review/edit

For more information, or to discuss further, please fill out the below so we can chat via email.

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