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Below are articles I’ve had published on blogs/websites other than my own.



Okay Buddha, Let’s Talk About the Second Noble Truth and the Causes of Suffering

So, let’s peel back the layers even more to the Second Noble Truth, where we’ll attempt to identify the root of this pain and answer the pressing question – why do we suffer so much?


The Truth About Dating In Your Thirties

Are you a little jaded? Some may say so. But I argue you are educated… and knowledge is power.


If You Want to Grow, Loosen Up

But we can slowly relax our grip and chip away at our habits one decision at a time. We can get free will back on our side by choosing to change our choices.


3 Things To Do If You’re Tired Of Being Single

First, take a deep breath and let’s analyze why you are tired of being single.

The 3 Biggest Signs That It’s Time To Take A Break From Dating Apps

After all, you should be giving yourself a chance to fall in love, not looking for every reason not to.

This Summer, Commit To Reconnecting With Yourself

This summer, what if we all took a break? What if we gave ourselves a vacation from the incessant need to know what’s going on in the world around us and focus on the world within us?

When We Give Up On Others, We Give Up On Ourselves

So when we stop believing that people can change, we stop believing anything can change, ourselves included.

These 3 Important Tells Mean Your Gut Is Speaking Up And You Need To Listen

Not only is it hard to hear, but it’s often hard to follow.

5 Little Reasons Why It’s Actually Good To Be An ‘Overthinker’

We assume you are a person who is deep and deliberate… a person with intention… and we want to figure you out. Would you prefer we see you as someone with no meaning behind your words and actions?

Why You Should Give Something Up For Lent, No Matter What Your Religion Is

I realize now my Lenten sacrifices, from the booze to the boys, were really just distractions.


Why We’re Not REALLY Happy

Forget all the definitions of life that aren’t yours. Reconnect with your inner voice… then let others hear it.


Why You Should Spend A Weekend Completely Unplugged

Do it to remove yourself from all the noise so you can search for the quiet in your mind.

What My Gay Best Friend Taught Me About Relationships

Maybe the key to a harmonious relationship is all about first finding balance within ourselves. Finding our own middle point before someone can counterpoint… settling into our yin so we can find our yang.