This book is so much more than what the title leads you to believe. It is a true life reflection of ourselves and of how we often forget how to put ourselves and our goals and our life first... This book brings it all into perspective.
— Nicole

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Kacie Main woke up on blurry Saturday morning, put a hand to her throbbing head, and started to recall the events from the night before. Oh shit, she thought as the evening played back spottily in her head like a Netflix movie during a storm. I can’t believe I made out with David. She pulled a pillow over her face and tried to go back to sleep, not yet ready to face those consequences.

By most definitions, Kacie lived a social, fulfilling life. She had a good job, great friends, solid family. Aside from the thirty-something and single combination, her life was picture perfect. But that was just a filter, like how the right Instagram filter can hide the circles under your eyes. The unfiltered Kacie was restless… uninspired… uncomfortable. Something had to change and that drunken make out with her not-single good friend was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So she gave up men for Lent– a 40 day cleanse in an attempt to figure out why she felt unhappy in her happy life.

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what are people saying?

“This uniquely written story (more like a conversation with your best friend) will have you asking yourself questions (who I am really), taking personal inventory (what have my actions created), and setting goals to achieve both short and long term. And to add, there’s the suspense of how the drama all unfolds (did Shane call or not?!). Everything is relatable, we’ve all been in her shoes…”


“This was a very enjoyable and thought-provoking book that made me smile, wish I could have been there for Kacie, and quite often go "OMG, YES!!!" because I could identify with a lot of what the author went through. The more people read this the better because the questions Kacie asks herself are questions everyone should think about and find their own answers to.”


“This book spoke to me on such a personal level... because I have some of the same questions in my head. My relationship with my mother, sisters, needing to please everyone. It will bring tears to your eyes and make you question your own life. But also long for a 2nd book!!”


“On the surface, you’d think a married, mom of 3 living in the suburbs in the north east,  would have little in common with the personal transformation of a single, party-girl in Florida. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I connected with Kacie’s story on so many levels… Kacie’s conversational tone makes you feel like you’re sitting with a close friend, working together to dissect and analyze life’s big questions.”